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Showcase Experiences

It Happened At Showcase!: Vol. 4


"It was such a profound experience."

The Experience of Becca Seibert
2016 Jim Rye Fellow, Educational Theatre NYU 

I'm so glad I was able to be at Showcase this year. It was such a profound experience. As an artist, it was incredibly inspiring for me to have the opportunity to watch so many incredible performances by so many companies from so many parts of the world. It can be isolating, making theatre for young people, because so many artists just don’t see it as a legitimate field. To see the innovations happening around the world has influenced the way I view my own art and what seems possible for the future. It was also invaluable to have a glimpse at the marketplace of presenting and selling a show for tour, and what it means to work with presenting companies to find an audience for your work. The Kindling session I attended by David Harradine provided me with a lot of practical tips that I brought immediately home to my collaborator.


I have found that it can be very challenging to talk about the work I make, let alone to try to sell it to other people, and having the opportunity to talk about it to other people in addition to hearing them talk about their own work or the work of others has helped me to better understand where I sit within the spectrum of TYA. It is a true joy to be able to return to my job, where my TYA knowledge is valued, and to my artwork, where my audience has limited experience with innovative TYA, with the confidence that comes with knowing that I am on the right track.

My collaborator and I have already begun devising a small puppet show, a brand new medium for us, as an internal experiment that was born directly from inspiration I brought home from Showcase. We are hoping that we will be able to attend Showcase 2017 together and become more invested in the community. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn more about how to contribute to a field I want so badly to be a part of.

It was an amazing experience and I am so glad I was able to be a part of it.



 Jim Rye Fellows 2016 Image © Savitri Bastiani



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