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Applying for Showcase: FAQ
Applying for Showcase: FAQ
How do I apply?
Applications for 2018 are closed. However, I
PAY uses to manage applications and support materials. Artist Applications will only be accepted online.
What is the deadline?
Early bird applications and payment at the early bird rate are due usually a few weeks prior to the final deadline Accompanying support materials for the early bird applications can continue to be uploaded after up until the final deadline. Regular applications, support materials, and payment are due no later than 12:00 Midnight on the date of the final deadline. 

How many people attend Showcase?
Approximately 450 people including presenters, artists and agents attend Showcase each year.

Do I need to be an IPAY member to apply?
No, you do not need to be an IPAY member. The advantage to becoming a member when you apply is you receive a discount on your application fee. Additionally, there is a substantial discount on your Showcase registration.

Can I submit applications for more than one production?
Yes. Please complete a separate application for each production for which you are applying. If you are applying with several productions, please use the same Applicant Profile inside An application fee is required per application.

Can my agent apply on my behalf?
Yes. Applications may be submitted by individual artists, companies, their agents, or managers. If the application is being submitted by anyone other than the artist, an Applicant Profile for the artistic company should be created and used for the application. If the artist is represented by an agent, please specify that within the application.

Does the work need to be finished to apply?
Yes. The work for which you are applying must be completed by the date of your application. As part of the selection process the Selection Committee will review a complete online (ie Vimeo or YouTube) video of the entire piece you plan to tour. While it is not required, we strongly recommend you submit a full length video even if it is archival. We do recognize that some Equity agreements make this difficult but please submit as much current video of the actual show you plan to tour with as is possible.

Does the work need to be in English?
Yes, if the work was created in a language other than English, it must be translated into English to be considered by the Committee. All productions selected to Showcase must be performed in English.

Does the work need to be tour-ready to apply?
No, but as part of the selection process the Selection Committee will need to review a video (ie Vimeo or YouTube) of the actual piece you plan to tour. If selected for Showcase, the work must be ready to tour to Showcase in January 2017.

How do I get a spotlight slot?
Artists/companies not selected for Showcase will be considered to perform a 10-minute, low-tech selection of the show, or "Spotlight." Spotlights will be curated based on the selection committee's review of the applications. If you have indicated that you would be interested in a Spotlight on your application you will automatically be considered. The Selection Committee will notify you if you are selected. Spotlight Sponsors receive one 10-minute slot as part of their sponsorship of that Spotlight.

What support materials do I need to submit?
  1. We recommend you submit a full video of the entire work of art that will tour and reflects the actual number of touring performers.
  2. A complete technical rider
  3. Electronic Press Kit (EPK) including company information, reviews of submitted or other work.
  4. Optional: Letters of reference from presenters, photographs, script, or other supporting materials.

Do I submit my application and materials by mail or electronically?
We will only accept applications and support materials online. Support materials such as tech riders may be uploaded on line within the application. IPAY will accept video as either a YouTube or Vimeo web-based link.

How many applications are received each year and how many companies showcase?
We generally receive 120–150 applications. Approximately 18 companies Showcase plus up to an additional 12 companies receive an opportunity for a low-tech 10 minute Spotlight or excerpt of their piece.

When does the committee meet?
The Selection Committee will meet June 14–16, 2017 in Madison, Wisconsin to review applications for Showcase 2018. It is helpful if the contacts you list on your application are available during that time should we have questions.

When will I hear if I've been selected to Showcase?
We hope to notify artist/companies that have been selected to Showcase on or around July 7, 2017. Alternate and Spotlight artists will be contacted at a later date.

Who pays for artists to Showcase?
For artists, Showcase is an investment in a marketing opportunity to sell work that is ready to tour. Artists are not paid for their performances by IPAY. IPAY pays for and provides the venue and a portion of the production costs (which includes an approx. four-hour load in, house light plot and running crew). It is up to each artist to secure funding from their company, government, arts council, and constituents to attend (including travel, freight, per diems, accommodations, visas, artist fees, etc) and to pay for production costs beyond the IPAY provision.

IPAY works to meet the needs of all companies but may not be able to accommodate all the requirements in your standard rider. Please note that Showcase is a festival setting and you may be required to condense your regular load-in and technical schedule to less than four hours, in addition to working within a festival light plot. Showcase Artists/Companies may be responsible for production expenses which include but are not limited to charges for additional technical labor, back line gear, equipment rental, pyrotechnic permits, etc.

What expenses are involved in Showcasing?
Transportation to, from, or within Philadelphia to the designated venue, accommodations and per diem while in Montreal or en route for artistic, technical, and representative's personnel; production or display materials; transportation or storage of freight; and visas if applicable.

If you are selected to showcase, company or company's agent or manager must have an exhibit booth, which is an additional cost.

What is the criteria used for Selection?
The Selection Committee makes its choices based upon the following criteria.

  • The work reflects an intrinsic artistic integrity.
  • The work demonstrates an overall artistic rationale with regard to form, direction, music, choreography, design, technical aspects and casting.
  • The work is created and performed by professionals.
  • The work is fresh, innovative, relevant, and appropriate for youth, young adult and family audiences.

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